About Us

We are a lesson barn inside of Pagemill Pastures, which is a really prime location right off Pagemill. It’s super pretty and peaceful and we’d love for you to come see it. At our barn we teach not only on the horse, but before and after we ride as well. We want to teach you how to take care of horses and to ride them, for a well rounded and fun experience.

Why Us?

Here are Maple Leaf, we like to do everything we can for our riders to reach their goals and have fun. Part of what makes this barn special is that at key points in the lesson, we’ll video tape you so that after the lesson is over, you can review your position. We’ve discovered that seeing yourself and how you ride is an inexpressible help. It allows you to self correct which can be one of the best ways of learning and helps you remember to use the tips you’ve gotten.


Hi, I’m Robin Elsineitti
(650) 207 - 4691
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3450 Deer Creek Road, Palo Alto